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We bring your teams together with a down-to-earth brainstorming and communication toolset.


Connect the dots that help your team grow. Bring employees, consultants and brand-fans directly into the fold. Get questions answered quickly from those who matter most. Grow your company’s relationship-dna, never losing a single strand.


With strong communication tools, you’ll take your project to the next level. Invite other teams and fans to your promo page, request feedback on your project from the CEO. Invite the client and CFO to a status update. When key players use Teamify, you invite innovation.


You love your data, but Google & Dropbox love it more. Keep it all in-house. Secure it, own it - and be the only ones monetizing it. It’s YOUR DATA. Stay in control.

Specific Features

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Life Feed

A Full-Featured App Behind Your Firewall.


Your App, Unleashed

If engagement, collaboration and security is the question, then Teamify is your answer. Teamify corrals your employees, clients and customers into one global network. It puts the power of your internal data to work for your bottom line - and it secures your company’s unique future.

Teamify is customizable, integratable and full-featured, able to meet the complex demands of your internal and external organizations.

Think clearly about the nature of data. Why share it? Why let others scrape it? Bring it in-house. Own It. Control It. LEARN FROM IT.


Every functionality and design element can be geared toward your brand. We can customize to your heart’s delight. Let Teamify merge your pursuits, team dynamics and branding into one vibrant experience to be enjoyed by your employees and customers. Teamify is the unifying inspiration you’ve been seeking.

Pricing Options

Teamify is looking for new clients to inspire us. If your company or non-profit qualifies, you’ll enjoy deep discounts on our Teamify web app. Engage Teamify to bring your teams and dreams to life.

$995.00 monthly
Up to 100 Users
Limited Functionality
Add Files Remotely
Send Files Remotely
$6995.00 monthly (for a limited time)
Up to 1000 Users
Full Functionality
Additional 500 Users @ $2995.00 monthly
Add/Send Files Remotely


  • man1

    Teamify gave our non-profit the boost it needed. When we lose a board member or pause a project, all the communication and intel stays with us.

    Bill Johnson
  • man2

    Having a robust social network and toolset in-house is both a cost-savings and an upgrade to how we connect with our customers and employees. We value Teamify tremendously.

    Amy Griffin
  • man3

    As soon as Teamify launched internally, we saw an uptick in the retention of vital company information. We also saw an increase in productivity. Teamify engages our clients and motivates our employees, keeping everything moving forward.

    Tanya Crane

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